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Beer Machine Base Plastic Mould

Beer Machine Base Plastic Mould

Overview Product Description The production process and production flow of the plastic mold of marine detector shell are
Basic Info.
Model NO. 24
Application Home Use
Runner Hot Runner
Design Software UG
Installation Fixed
Certification ISO
Standard HASCO
Customized Customized
After-sales Service Free Replacement Parts Within One Year
Transport Package Vacuum Packing with Wooden Box
Specification Customized
Trademark Hong Kong
Origin China
HS Code 84804100
Production Capacity 50 Sets/Month
Product Description
Product Description

The production process and production flow of the plastic mold of marine detector shell are as follows:1. Product design: according to the shape size, structure and functional requirements of the ocean detector, develop a product design plan, and determine the structure and size of the mold.2. Mold design: According to the product design plan, design the structure and parts of the mold, and determine the mold material and processing technology.3. Mold processing: according to the mold design drawings, processing and assembly of mold parts, including rough machining, finishing, heat treatment and surface treatment processes.4. Mold debugging: The processed mold will be debugged, including mold opening test, injection test and product inspection, etc., to ensure that the performance of the mold and product quality meet the requirements.5. Formal production: After the completion of mold debugging, formal production will be carried out, and injection molding will be carried out according to the production plan to produce marine detector shells that meet quality standards.6. Mold maintenance: regular maintenance and repair of the mold, including cleaning, lubrication, inspection and repair, to ensure the service life of the mold and production efficiency.The above is the production process and production process of the plastic mold of marine detector shell, need to focus on each link of quality control and technical requirements to ensure the production of high-quality products.Marine detector plastic mold production process and production process has been relatively mature, but in terms of technological innovation and application, there are still some directions worth exploring.1. Rapid mold making technology: Using rapid mold making technology such as 3D printing can greatly shorten the mold making cycle and improve production efficiency.2. Precision injection molding technology: Through precision injection molding technology, it is possible to produce higher precision and more complex marine probe shell molds and products.3. High-strength material application: Using high-strength materials to make molds can increase the durability and service life of molds and reduce production costs.4. Intelligent manufacturing technology: Through intelligent manufacturing technology, the automatic production and quality control of molds can be realized to improve production efficiency and product quality.5. Environmental protection material application: choosing environmental protection materials to make molds and products can reduce environmental pollution and health risks, and meet the requirements of sustainable development.In the technical innovation and application of marine probe plastic mould, we need to fully consider the market demand and technical development trend, and constantly explore innovation to improve product quality and production efficiency, and promote the development of the industry.With the continuous expansion of the beer machine market and the increasing consumer demand for product appearance and quality, the market prospect of plastic molds for beer machine bases is getting broader and broader. In the future, as people's living standards improve, consumers will have higher requirements for the appearance design and use experience of beer machines, which will further promote the development of plastic molds for beer machine bases.At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology and process improvement, the production cost of beer machine base plastic moulds will continue to reduce, which will bring more opportunities for the development of the industry. In addition, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, consumers' demand for environmentally friendly materials will be higher and higher, therefore, plastic molds for beer machine bases made of environmentally friendly materials will be more popular and expected to become the future development trend.