Holly Madison Says Mold Of Her 'Lady Parts' Was Exposed On TV
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Holly Madison Says Mold Of Her 'Lady Parts' Was Exposed On TV

May 30, 2023

by Kay Posted on July 19, 2023 at 3:45 pm

Holly Madison is revealing more abuse she suffered while being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend on The Girls Next Door.

Thankfully Madison has escaped the alleged horrible clutches of Hefner and the production crew of the show that made her a household name, but will the horror ever end? Madison has shared so many triggering stories from her time at the mansion to the point where there is now a whole show about life at the mansion and Playboy magazine behind the scenes.

She is alleging that The Girls Next Door producers aired her “lady parts” to viewers as “revenge porn”. While appearing on Sloan’s Let’s Get Into It podcast, Madison shared that she and the fellow girls Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson went to get molds made in chocolate of their private parts.

“I thought it would be funny if we did our body parts, so I did a chocolate mold of my vagina and Bridget did her boobs and Kendra did her butt crack and we thought it was really funny – I still think it’s funny.”

Madison quickly realized how hyper-realistic the mold looks and she was immediately uncomfortable. “When that mold came out it was so photorealistic and so detailed that you can see on camera, I’m kind of taken aback because it wasn’t really what I was expecting,” she recalled.

The mold made her so squirm so much that she took her upsets to the E! producers and asked that it not be shown or even easier, just blur it out. Unfortunately, when the episode aired, it was front and center, unblurred in all its detailed glory.

The other girl’s molds were displayed as well. “Kendra’s butt crack mold was blurred [and] later they show Hef holding up one of those foam hands that people hold up at like sports events, it was bent so that it was like flipping the bird, and that’s blurred out, but like my vagina is fully not blurred out.”

The former reality TV star is chalking up the producer’s bad behavior to her decision to call it quits with her much, much older boyfriend. Let’s not forget, Holly was girlfriend number one, she slept in the bed with Hef (according to the show), plus the show was about Hef’s three girlfriends and one of them dared to dump him.

Madison claims that the late Hefner had “final cut over everything” that aired. “It’s interesting because I think the editing of that episode happened after I decided to leave Hef, and I have a suspicion that that was kind of like a revenge thing,” says Madison.

By the end of it all, Madison was convinced that her embarrassment and shame were the goal of her breakup episode. She alleges that the camera angles felt intentional like the shot meant to “embarrass her in the worst possible way.”

Madison reiterates what she has been saying since she escaped the mansion, “I’m suspicious it was a hate thing,” she insists noting she “wouldn’t have got into [the Playboy world] if I thought it was as dark as it was going to be.”

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Holly Madisonsuffered while being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend