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Floor Verhorst

Aug 11, 2023

Having just entered the plastics industry within the last few years, Floor Verhorst-Willems selects suitable partners for developing new injection molds for plastic medical applications as the strategic business manager for Eindhoven, Netherlands-based mold maker IGS GeboJagema.

"My role expands beyond a conventional commercial perspective," she said. "I am the liaison between engineering, management, purchasing and production. Part of my job is to identify needs and demands in the market and to get in touch with the right people within IGS GeboJagema who can meet those needs under the right conditions."

What initially piqued Verhorst-Willems' interest was the complexity of the work.

"A mold consists of many parts that culminate in a concrete end product," she said. "Moreover, our company produces molds for plastic components which are used in medical applications, and the opportunity to contribute to this sector is both meaningful and challenging with the extremely high-quality standards."

Verhorst-Willems earned a bachelor's degree in facility management and continued her education to supplement her skill set with programs in advanced marketing and B2B marketing strategies.

Throughout her career, Verhorst-Willems has received a New Business Award four times, including once at the European level: "Of course, these accolades are not just my achievements, but a reflection of the collaborative efforts of the fantastic teams I have been privileged to work with," she said.

"Balancing a demanding professional life with personal responsibilities has been one of my greatest achievements. As a full-time working mother, I manage new business ventures, and this often requires me to travel, up to 30 percent a year. Despite spending significant time away from home, I've maintained a fulfilling personal life, including time for hobbies like field hockey and activities with my family," Verhorst-Willems said. "The key, in my opinion, is managing expectations, both at home and at work. It involves a lot of teamwork. Just as my professional accomplishments involve the collective efforts of my colleagues, my personal life thrives due to the support and cooperation of my family."

She noted seeing the lack of fellow women in the plastic injection molding industry, "especially in the mold world."

"I aim to represent women and put myself on the map in the mold market," she said. "I hope it inspires other ladies to join this fantastic industry."

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