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15 Best Nipple Covers, Breast Tape, And Stick

Feb 15, 2024

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Go braless with confidence.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new top or dress that can’t be worn like anything else in your closet. As someone with a D bust, shopping for tops online has always been a challenge because nothing seemed to fit me in that area. Every time a new skin-baring, no-bras-allowed clothing trend emerged (cut-out designs, sheer gowns, halter tops), I automatically counted myself out. That is, until I came across nipple covers.

Nipple covers are a great alternative to traditional bras as they keep the breasts lifted and covered, while also making those more complicated garments easier to wear. And with more non-bra options on the market than ever before—boob tape, backless bras, and pasties, to name a few—anybody can find something to fit every occasion. Nipple covers don’t have to be reserved for special events, says Dana Donofree, founder and CEO of AnaOno. You can wear pasties and stick-on bras any time dresses and tops show too much of your intimate under-layer—think of them as add-ons or accessories to your lingerie drawer, she says.

What's important is to choose the nipple covers that suit your personal preferences and comfort levels. “Breasts can create all sorts of confusion. Do you want them lifted? Supported? Perky? Or au natural? All these [factors] will lead you to the right decision,” says Donofree. Depending on how you want to feel and look will inform what kind of nipple covers will work best for you. But no matter the outfit crisis, rest assured there’s something out there for everyone.

Similar to bras, nipple covers don’t all fall under one particular style—varieties abound in a range of sizes, colors, and materials. Ahead, here's a breakdown of different nipple covers, including the best type for different attires:

1. Stick-on bra

Sticky bras aren’t your typical bras. The sticky bra, usually consisting of a fabric outer shell and silicone padding, remains invisible while still providing excellent coverage under those fun—yet hard to wear—tops and dresses. These bras are often backless, making them a great choice for backless dresses and tops. It can also work as a comfy bra alternative for lounging around at home.

Pros: Available for all breast sizes and skin tones, adjustable front clasp depending on the brand, reusable, and easy to clean.

Cons: Warmer weather and excessive sweating can break down the adhesive and make the bra less effective over time.

2. Silicone covers

Compared to stick-on bras, which provide much fuller coverage, silicone covers are small, adhesive cups that mostly hide and protect the nipples. They’re often crafted out of soft, flexible materials like silicone that mold to the shape of the breasts, and smooths out the front. Silicone covers are gentle and versatile. They’re best paired with tees, sheer tops, and dresses.

Pros: Reusable with proper care, great for smaller breasts, plus easy and painless to remove.

Cons: May lift off after a few uses due to a worn adhesive.

3. Pasties

Pasties are a type of adhesive bra that, like silicone covers, help conceal the nipple. These nipple covers are typically disposable and come in a variety of shades and styles. Some pasties can be highly decorative, serving as an accessory in and of itself! They pair well with tight-fitting and sheer clothing. But it’s worth noting that these are the least supportive out of the four types.

Pros: Can provide a lifting effect, and blends into the skin well with different shade offerings.

Cons: Not the most lifting and supportive option, and the removal process can be painful without proper preparation.

4. Boob tape

Boob tape, also called breast tape or fashion tape, is a strong adhesive tape that lifts and supports the breasts without the added discomfort of a bra. It can be worn with just about any silhouette that needs extra hold, like skin-baring tops and gowns. Though great for beginners, boob tape can be tricky to apply and remove the first few times.

Pros: Beginner-friendly, shape-shifts for multiple kinds of fits, and has a strong adhesive.

Cons: Not usually reusable, and the removal process can be painful.

The first thing to consider when perusing the aisles—or, let’s be honest, Amazon—is your bust size. Depending on your cup and how much support you’re looking for, one option may work better for your needs versus another, says Donofree. “Boob tape and stick-on bras can help structure larger busts under clothing whereas smaller chests may want to use a silicone cover to add fullness, and roundness, or have more modest ‘braless’ support,” she says.

In general, for those wanting a lifting effect, “an adhesive, optimal stick-on bra may be your best bet as it offers the ability to sculpt your breasts to your preferences,” says Donofree. “That said, it’s pretty low coverage so you can wear dresses that have low necklines and open backs with no problem.” And while boob tape can also get the job done, “it does require a more liberal application to achieve the desired tissue manipulation,” Donofree explains. It’s also worth noting that its thick texture may pose an issue when worn under more tight-fitting attire.

Aside from lifting, nipple covers serve another purpose: concealing the areola and enhancing the contour of the chest. If you’re a part of the BAC—that’s Big Areola Committee—Donofree recommends the bigger, the better as “opting for a slightly larger size ensures a seamlessly natural appearance beneath clothing, while selecting a smaller cover may result in its visibility through a top, similar to the way an exposed nipple might be noticed despite the intention to conceal it.”

Lastly, nipple covers come in a bevy of shade ranges so you can match your natural skin tone. For transparent garments, Donofree says that choosing a color close to yours can seamlessly complement these pieces, while “something slightly off-tone might evoke the allure of the nipple area.” But, hey, that “could be a desired effect as well,” Donofree notes.

Alright, now for the fun stuff. Ahead, the 15 best nipple covers to add to your cart ASAP. Thank goodness for modern boob technology, amirite?

You can never go wrong with a reliable boob tape, which is why Women's Health ranks VBT’s breast tape as best overall. Made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, this highly-reviewed option keeps your chest lifted and the girls covered under your clothes. It has a natural and seamless end result, too. Per customer reviews, this item is best worn under blouses, spaghetti straps, backless tops, and, yes, even tricky wedding gowns.

Rave Review: “…I wanted to find an alternative for those shirts that you can’t really wear a bra with without compromising comfort. The tape is flexible and adheres well to the skin without causing any irritation. The adhesive is strong enough to hold everything in place, but not too strong that it becomes uncomfortable. I wore it for an entire evening, and it stayed in place without any issues, allowing me to move and socialize with confidence even in this heat! …It also worked effectively in enhancing cleavage, giving me that extra boost of confidence…”

This brand is the fashion world’s best-kept secret (pun intended). Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ breast lift tape is a quick and easy—not to mention, wallet-friendly—fix to any wardrobe conundrum. It just takes two of the almost-see-through stickers to lift your boobs, and guaranteed they’ll stay on all day.

Rave Review: “My go-to bra hack when wearing low cut, low back, or plunge tops. They stay intact all night, with no discomfort. I always order these and I always keep a pack on standby for special occasions!”

I’m all for freeing the boob as I am for keeping them perky. VBT’s range of products ranks high with those with a smaller chest, especially its invisible adhesive bra. The fully silicone offering gives those in the Itty-Bitty Titty Committee the security needed to rock those revealing outfits and also get a bit of an extra lift.

Rave Review: “I appreciate the wide range of cup sizes available for the sticky bra. It caters to women of all shapes and sizes.”

For those wanting a secure lift, look no further. Good Lines’ boob tape gives “long-term hold” a whole new meaning. This line of tape comes in five shades to cater to multiple skin tones. It also has a waterproof and sweatproof hold that lasts up to eight hours. Moreover, the material is medical grade and hypoallergenic so those with a latex allergy can have peace of mind. While the brand’s strong adhesive option is already super effective, if you want zero nip slips during a night out, guaranteed, you can opt for the “Extreme” variety.

Rave Review: “First off let me start by saying I fell in love with this company before even trying the tape based on customer service alone. Once I received my tape I loved that it came with instructions (first-time tape user). I also appreciated the packaging, I was able to travel with it discreetly. As far as if it works or not, the proof is in the picture. I’m a 38DD and felt amazing in my dress.”

Nippies’ nipple covers are an Amazon bestseller for a reason. Meet your go-to alternative when skipping out on uncomfortable bras. These silicone covers are supportive, able to conceal a variety of areola and breast sizes and create a smooth finish under any backless dresses, tank tops, and swimwear. Keep them fresh by hand washing after use and storing them safely—they’ll last for months, trust.

Rave Review: “For the price, I don’t think there’s a better nipple cover! Keep in mind though, I have smaller breasts, I’m about a 32C or B cup. I bought these for a beach vacation to Miami. I bought several outfits that required these, including white swimsuits. These stuck to me beautifully! In the ocean, on the beaches, in the pools, and at restaurants! They wash up super easily with soap and water and come with their own handy travel case! And the best part is, they’re still sticky 3 months later! Highly recommend these to my ladies in the itty bitty committee that need some extra coverage!”

The intimates category has only recently delved into making a wide range of colors for different skin tones, but some brands still haven’t caught up. B-Six, however, offers five shades of adhesive nipple covers that simply get the job done. While customers advise to make sure you choose the correct shade, any of them will give a nearly-invisible finish under sheer garments.

Rave Review: “These little things are amazing and hold up forever. The one thing I will say is to make sure you get the right color. The cheap ones from Walmart or Target are always too light and show through everything but these can be too dark. I ordered both the caramel and the crème and the caramel shows through everything I have outside of dark colors (hence caramel is too dark for me), but the crème is perfect!”

At first thought, nipple covers may not seem as supportive as other bra options but Fashion Forms’ gel petals very much give traditional bras a run for their money. Made from 100-percent silicone, customers say these jelly covers are certified as long-lasting, and even through intense, sweat-inducing activities, they keep their hold and feel barely there.

Rave Review: “Before I tried these, I used to be one of those women that no matter what blouse I was wearing, I would always wear a bra but NOT ANYMORE. These nipple petals are great and they really stick to your skin with NO pain afterwards. I wore these petals to a concert. I danced and jumped for 3 hours and they stayed in place…They do the trick!”

Sometimes, the girls need extra support and if boob tape isn’t an option, then this adhesive clip bra is your best bet! Bare Necessities’ backless silicone bra enhances and lifts the shape of your cleavage with little discomfort and can be worn with any complicated garments, especially those low-cut silhouettes.

Rave Review: “Very easy to use. It fit perfectly, and stayed on perfectly! …The clip is great, it adds nice cleavage.”

Leave it to Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty line to create sexy intimates. The lingerie brand has nipple covers that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are reliable. Out of all its offerings, the crystal pasties are by far the standout choice. Wear them under sheer tops (or alone, if you dare).

Rave Review: “These pasties are really pretty. I only said they run a little large because these actually cover my areolas. This might be TMI. To put in perspective, they’re the size of Reese's Cups? Overall, they stick, cover my entire nipple, and are cute...”

Nood’s Lift and Shape bra is a game changer, literally. Made in Korea, this backless bra is ready to wear for any and all occasions. It’s crafted from breathable, eco-friendly hemp fabric (win!) that is sweat-proof and waterproof (double win!) and is made with all sizes in mind (yes, even my DDD, G, and F cup babes—triple win!).

Rave Review: “I tried the nipple covers alone and with the lift and shape bra on a hot sweaty day for about 6 hours. No irritation from either and the stick was amazing. Sizing was slightly larger than I expected but that is a good thing. I have tried a lot of competitors and they were always way too small.”

Sometimes, disposable is the way to go with nipple covers and Nueboo’s one-time-use pasties are the ones to shop. Coming in a pack of five, these nipple covers provide a long-lasting and firm hold for those special occasion outfits. It really is a one-and-done lift!

Rave Review: “These work great and stay on even when you’re sweating, dancing, etc. I get enough lift with these that I don’t need to use the tape on top. (I have D cups). I wore these for my wedding because I had a see-through dress and you couldn’t see my nipples at all. I also love how they calm down the headlights for thinner shirts...Absolutely love these and wish I found them sooner.”

This adhesive bra from Niidor is ranked highly on Amazon for a reason. Catering to a wide range of sizes—up to a size G, in fact—it keeps the chest lifted and ready for any outing. And while this stick-on bra is indeed sticky, it’s skin-friendly.

Rave Review: “At first I was skeptical. I have tried so many push-up bras, strapless bras, and even other weird ‘magical’ sticky bras. I even tried that metal deep V shape bra that was supposed to work with big breasts…. None ever worked. I wasn’t going to try this one until I saw a woman with breasts like mine wearing them…I chose to write the review because today is the first day in my entire adult life that I went outside in a spaghetti strap tank top BRALESS!!!! I felt sexy, I felt hot…I always cover up NOT ANYMORE.”

Nue’s shade-friendly boob tape is a must-have. Customers rave about its strong hold for any and every size, as well as all occasions. It’s hypoallergenic and water- and sweat-resistant, so it’s guaranteed to stay on all day.

Rave Review: “I cannot recommend this product enough. I was at a wedding for 8 hours in 90-degree heat. I’m also a 36D. Everything held with no problem. If you are wondering if this is for you...IT IS. Get it.”

Depending on the brand, silicone covers are known to have too thick of a layer. Amflower addresses that with a thin yet effective option. This Amazon favorite brand offers a pack of five reusable silicone pasties that are comfortable enough to be worn with no extra support, if you choose.

Rave Review: “These are amazing! A friend told me how great they were and I just have bought so many over the years that were a letdown. But these… are a MUST-HAVE! Any day I just want to not wear a bra, can’t, or truly want to just go comfortable, I put these on and off I go! They are perfect to be washed and worn a couple of times over! I am so so glad I have these! And there are so many in the pack!! Well worth the money spent! 10/10 would purchase again!”

Gatherall’s washable adhesive silicone bra earns its spot as “best reusable” for its durability. This bra, which comes in a range of sizing and shades, allows for easy wear of more revealing looks. I shall warn you though—once you buy it, you may never go back.

Rave Review: “I wanted a nipple cover for my vacation trip. It arrived fast and it went amazing. I wore them under my swimsuit & I felt secure [sic] they stuck and didn’t move underwater. I also used them 3 times in 100-degree weather!! This made my money’s worth and that made me happy!”

Our team consulted Dana Donofree, founder and CEO of AnaOno, and then evaluated thousands of customer reviews and ratings to narrow down the best 15 nipple covers for a wide range of needs and preferences.

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